Save Our churches

The Anglican Diocese of Tasmania plans to sell more than 50 Anglican churches to the highest bidder without proper community consultation.

In small towns across Tassie, our churches are not just a place of worship — they are the backbone of our communities and often provide the only place for people in the region to come together.

Whether it be for a wedding, a local fundraiser, community meeting, a safe place in a time of crisis or weekly Sunday mass our churches allow people to celebrate, to share the good times and the bad, and to connect with each other.

The planned sale of more than 50 churches will shortchange the work, dedication and faith of generations of parishioners, whose time and energy to keep our churches alive has helped foster the communities that surround them and have made our towns what they are today.

Help Senator Steve Martin show the Anglican Diocese of Tasmania that we do not want our churches sold and removed from those who use and need it the most.